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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dengue Fever

There are several events coming up that celebrate the forgotten Rock 'n' Roll music from Cambodia.
This Saturday, join Gary Sullivan as he fills in for Rob W on WFMU.  Gary will be joined by the director of Don't Think I've Forgotten:  Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll.  Tune in from 6-9 PM.  See the film at Film Forum April 22-28.  Then, join us at Monty Hall on April 28 for an evening of music with Chom Nimol and members of Baksey Cham Dkrong.  Don't miss it!!

Cambodian Rocks!  (MP3s)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Everything's Fringe Factory, tonight at 8!

The Fringe Factory gang has garage and psych obscurities tonight at 8! Ichiban!

The Jaynettes sing of Spring on Crayons to Perfume! at 7

The girls have Spring Fever! They're singing about the Birds, and the Bees and the Flowers and the Trees! Catch them tonite on Ichiban!

Check out psych folk gal duo The Fire, on Garage Hangover!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

WHIG OUT! at 8 while the Fringe Factory is on Vacation!

Whig Out! is filling in for the Fringe Factory while it's on vacation - same sounds you love, just a hair different!

Crayons to Perfume! Girls of the week are the AVENGERS GIRLS!! 7pm!

Actresses! Models! Go-Go Girls! Beauty Queens!

Did you know Linda Thorson was Canadian? or that Lada Edmund Jr. Hullabaloos wildest dancer also sang? or that Ann Margaret could get a little psychedelic?

The most famous girls do it all and more tonight! at 7pm tonight!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

R.I.P. Stan Freberg

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Pop Of Greenwich Village

1 Henry Burr: Rose Of Washington Square
2 The Village Stompers: The Bird Of Bleeker Street
3 Warren Galjour: Christopher Street
4 Curtis Knight: Down In The Village
5 Gordon Ramsey: Hurry Down To Bleecker
6 Caloogie: Bleecker Street
7 The Ames Brothers: Washington Square
8 Sonny Vincent: Washington Square Park Incident
9 The Beatles: Positively 4th Street
10 Valerie & Bobby Capers: West 4th Street
11 The "E" Types: 4th Street
12 Johnny Rivers: Positively 4th Street
13 unknown: McDougal Street Freakout
14 Billie Dearborn: MacDougal Street Blues
15 I, She & Me: McDougal Street
16 Elmer Bernstein: Greenwich Village Rumble
17 Jim & Jesse: Greenwich Village Folk Song Salesman
18 Neljä Penniä: Washington Square
19 Miluše Voborníková a Petr Spálený Bílá Víla (Greenwich Village)
20 The Tradewinds: The Girl From Greenwich Village
21 Simon & Garfunkel: Bleecker Street
22 Jill Jones: 77 Bleeker St
23 The Village Stompers: Washington Square
24 Dave Brubeck Quartet: Autumn In Washington Square
25 Lenzberg's Riverside Orch.: Rose Of Washington Square
26 Aretha Franklin: Rose Of Washington Square
27 Exuma: The Bowery
28 Ferre Grignard: On The Bowery
29 Elmer Bernstein: MacDougal Street Special
30 Fred Neil: Bleecker And MacDougal
31 Mitch Miller & His Orch.: The Bowery Grenadiers
32 Uncle Dave Macon: I'll Never Go There Any More (The Bowery)
33 Willie Nile: The Day I Saw Bo Diddley In Washington Square
34 Mick Harvey: St. Mark's Place
35 Lou Reed: Sally Can't Dance
36 Thomas Newman: St. Mark's Place
37 Lou Reed: Halloween Parade
38 Tommy Scott & The Men Of The Long Journey: Good-Bye, Greenwich Village

Saturday, April 4, 2015


J.R. Williams

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Vigon's French R&B

"Vigon" immigrated to France from Morocco and adopted this stage name because in his younger days his little schoolmates teased him about his incorrect pronunciation of "vagon" (wagon). He made several rhythm & blues records including this particularly strong cover of Little Richard's Bama Lama Bama Loo. (Thanks to my friend Max for the tip !)

Here he is live in 1969 with his band Les Lemons, doing "The Spoiler".

[Footnote : This is remarkable since there was almost no soul/R&B "made in France." The exception that proves the rule is, of course, Nino Ferrer, born in Italy. Here he is rocking the Brussels train station.]

[Footnote : Original version of The Spoiler (I think) by Eddie Purrel.]

US version  Ed.

[Footnote : As a bonus, here's a Finnish band's version of Bama Lama.]

But was Little Richard annoyed by these copy-cats ? We have the official response. After performing the song himself, Richard unambiguously sets the record straight. In a hilarious, pre-rehearsed interview with Dick Clark, he states that he is "very grateful to know that my material is the type of material that the entertainers today would like to use."

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Fringe Factory 8pm tonite!

We've got wylde cover versions, unlikely songs, before they were famous, brand new Pow Wows, new King Khan & BBQ Show, plus fuzzy faves and wacky way-outs! Check us out on at 8 pm ET

Crayons to Perfume! Cover Girls! 7pm Tonite!

It's our second installment of Cover Girls! This time the girls cover the Shirelles, British and American pop, rock and soul, plus a little bit of psychedelia! Tune into at 7 and look for the Ichiban stream. Join us in the chat room by clicking the comments and playlist link....and don't miss a show! Our archives have it all! and check out the interview on Cha Cha Charming!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Milk'n'Cookies Rock'n'Roll - No More Milk, No More Wine, Glass of Milk, Mighty Fine!

1. Cookie Man: Chips Ahoy!
2. Cookie & His Cupcakes: I’m Twisted
3. Els Xocs - Més Enllà
4. Nino Rota Drink More Milk
5. Jackie Lomax: Sour Milk
6. Ray Charles & The Cookies: Yes In Deed
7. Jerry Reed And The Hully Girlies - Spilled Milk
8. Red Foley: Milk Bucket Boogie
9. The Blisters: Cookie Rockin’ In Her Stockings
10. Big Jay McNeely: Mule Milk
11. Edd Byrnes: Kookie’s Mad Pad
12. Summer’s Children: Milk & Honey
13. The Cookies: Don’t Say Nothin’ Bad About My Baby
14. The Crickets: Milk & Gin
15. The Ventures: Cookies & Coke
16. The Liberty Party: Jim’s Milk Song
17. Marcie & The Cookies: Would If I Could
18. The Zipps The Struggle For Ice-Cold Milk Of Benzi The Bass-Player
19. Herman’s Hermits: No Milk Today
20. Cookie Roberts - Draggin' The Drive-Inn's
21. Kookie Cook: Revenge

Get an ice cold glass here!