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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Real Nitty Gritty Record Party - Live from Speak of the Devil, Lorain, OH

Tonight at 7:00 ET tune in to WFMU's Rock'n'Soul ICHIBAN for The Real Nitty Gritty record party recorded live at Speak of the Devil, Lorain, Ohio! We want to thank the staff and regulars so much for having us! All killer, no filler!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Love Songs for Lovemakers!

3-2-1 Happy Valentines Day all you Lovers! LOVE SONG FOR LOVEMAKERS A special Fringe Factory Valentine's evening mix from DJ Vikki V airs at 8pm ET /5pm PT
Visit the playlist page at to listen live or stream or download the archive show after!

They'll Make Your Heart Go....

Lovers and want to be lovers, lovers of girls, lovers of boys - the girls have it all for you with this special Valentines edition of Crayons to Perfume! on Rock'n'Soul Ichiban! Today, making your heart go Dum Dum Ditty are of course the Shangri-Las, as well as the impassioned voices of The Sandpebbles, Gloria Jones and Donna Loren - then heating things up I've got Sandy Sarjeant and Bonnie St. Claire. Join djgirlgroupgirl for a great hour of girls 7-8pm - and you can find them right here:

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Chicano 60s garage on the Whig Out Sunday 18 February

This Sunday 18 February, I'll be filling in for the Whig Out and spotlighting the Chicano 60s garage bands from East LA, including an interview with Domenic Priore, author of the essential book "Riot on Sunset Strip" !!! Check it out live here at 8 pm EST including a live chat, or listen to the archive later !!!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Love Bandito -- tonight at 7:00 on The Real Nitty Gritty

The Love Bandito -- for your Valentine's Week pleasure or pain -- let us serenade you with our sloppy old records tonight on a new episode of The Real Nitty Gritty : savage R&B, greasy rockabilly, gutbucket blues, gruesome garage, sweaty soul, & sleazy instrotrash records --then stay tuned for the Whig Out! at 8:00

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Dance Floor Essential!

Little Luther - Eenie Meenie Minie Moe

The Real Nitty Gritty - Come Back When You Grow Up

Tonight at 7:00 on WFMU's Rock -n- Soul ICHIBAN: The Real Nitty Gritty -- Come Back When You Grow Up -- savage R&B, greasy rockabilly, gutbucket blues, gruesome garage, sweaty soul, & sleazy instrotrash records --then stay tuned for the Whig Out! at 8:00

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Coming Soon!

Attention Ichibaners!!  The next WFMU marathon is right around the corner.  YOU could win fabulous prizes, like this fantastic new book by Jimmy McDonough.  It's all about the history of Memphis and Hi Records and the one and only Al Green!!  A must for any fan of rock 'n' soul music.

Don't miss a beat!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Dance Floor Essential!

The Sanshers - Gonna Git That Man

Get your hat -- The Real Nitty Gritty tonight on ICHIBAN

Get your hat -- It's a new episode of The Real Nitty Gritty tonight at 7:00 on WFMU's Rock-n-Soul ICHIBAN! Platters of savage R&B, gutbucket blues, gruesome garage, sweaty soul, greasy rockabilly & sleazy instrotrash served up for your pleasure! Then Whig Out! at 8:00. Streaming player, playlist and comments here:

Monday, January 22, 2018

Hidden Volume Records Field Trip South 2018!

Calling All Cars!!

Hidden Volume Records Field Trip South 2018 is just a few weeks away!

Untamed Youth, The Phantom Surfers, Woolly Bushmen, Baby Shakes, The Othermen, The Delusionaires, Groovy Movies, The Wildtones, The Blind Owls, Sash the Bash, The Improbables, The Hall Monitors, The Belltowers...phew!!

Featuring Ichiban DJs GirlGroup Girl, Richard Whig and Matt Clarke on the 45s!

Feb 16/17 Will's Pub
Orlando, FL

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6-8 pm EST (00:00 CET*, 08:00 JST**) Come to the Sunshine with Andrew Sandoval - Each week, Andrew ushers you into his record room for a two-hour assortment of scintillating 1960’s sounds.
8-10 pm Big Planet Noise with Bob I. and Gina - Wild 60's wax blasts! Garage, Bikers, B3s, Fuzz & more!!!
7-8 pm What's Happening?!?! with Matt Clarke - 1960s Beat, Folk-Rock, Soul, Mod.
7-8 pm Crayons to Perfume with Glynis GirlGroupGirl - Girl group sounds 1960-69.
8-9 pm Fringe Factory with DJ Vikki V - A lysergic time trip into the international fuzzy,  psychedelic, garage & hard rockin' 60s underground.
8-9 pm Make With The Shake with DJ Pat K - Straight from the frayed end of the Rust Belt, nothing but the finest rock & soul hipshakers and earthquakers of the 50s & 60s.
7-8 pm The Real Nitty Gritty with Real Nitty Gritty Tania and Thomas Torment - A weekly record hop featuring savage R&B, greasy rockabilly, gutbucket blues, gruesome garage, sweaty soul, sleazy instro-trash.
8-9 pm The Whig Out with Glynis GirlGroupGirl and Richard W - 60's garage sounds from then until now.

And on Sunday, a replay of this week's shows plus 2 extras :
6 am (12:00 CET*, 20:00 JST**) The Real Nitty Gritty
7 am (13:00 CET) The Whig Out
8 am (14:00 CET) Crayons to Perfume
9 am (15:00 CET) Fringe Factory
10 am (16:00 CET) What's Happening?!?!
11 am (17:00 CET) DJ Roulette - A varied cast of DJs, including :
   The Big Beat Generation with Laurent - Unsung Heroes of 1960's rock'n'roll.
   Diesel Smoke and Dangerous Curves with Julea - Featuring mostly country western, rockabilly, & hillbilly hidden gems recorded in the 1950s & 1960s.
   Atomic Jukebox with Jon - Good music for driving fast.
12 Noon (18:00 CET) Make with the Shake
1-3 pm (19:00 CET) Come to the Sunshine
3 pm (21:00 CET) DA The DJ’s Ichibunny Robot – Ever evolving AI programmed and executed emulation of 60s Rock-N-Roll radio brought to you by WFMU's DA The DJ.
4-6 pm (23:00 CET) Big Planet Noise

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