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Monday, September 22, 2014

Crayons To Perfume Girls of the Week are the cross boarder cuties, the Charmaines!

The Charmaines, or Gigi & The Charmaines as they appeared on some of their records were one of the more unique girl-groups. They were from Cincinnati, Ohio - a day's drive from Toronto, Ontario in Canada and their adopted 2nd home of many years. Toronto had a thriving soul and r&b scene in the 60's and was hungry for more of the music that was heavily influencing "the Toronto Sound" - the Charmaines even have three very obscure singles on Red Leaf Records (from Toronto) - which we'll feature at a later date (because I don't have my hands on all of them! If anyone can send me files of the records, please let me know!!!!)
The Charmaines made quite a few records, but the girls seemed to measure their success not on the hit songs that eluded them, but on the busy schedule they kept for live performances - they were working constantly!

The Charmaines were also on local TV frequently, but none of the footage is on Youtube, so instead we've featured some fantastic recent re-union footage from Cleethorpe's Soul Weekender! The girls sound hasn't changed a bit, and here they do 'Eternally'.

Crayons to Perfume 9 features not only the Charmaines, but a set of powerhouse soul sisters, solo pop girls and some swingin' 60's ye ye covers that transform those seemingly sweet and innocent French Femmes into torrid temptresses that tantalize! We end our show with a taste of next weeks Lovely Latin Ladies one hour special - a show filled with super music from the girls of South America, Mexico, Spain and Cuba!!

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The Charmaines: Guilty
The Charmaines: I Idolize You
The Charmaines: Poor Unfortunate Me
The Charmaines: I Don’t Want To Loose Him
Sandy Shaw: Girl Don’t Come
Petula Clark: Reach Out
Chris Connor: Downtown
Billie Davis: Ev’ry Day
Cher: I’m Gonna Love You
Patti Drew: Hard To Handle
Thelma Jones: The House That Jack Built
Gloria Jones: Tainted Love
Erma Franklin: Gotta Find Me a Lover (24 Hours a Day)
Shirley: Big Boss Man
Les Scarabees: Puisque tu m'as quittée (Nothing But A Heartache)
Sylvie Vartan: Quand Tu Es La (The Game of Love)
Evy: Une question qui se pose 1965 (Questions I Can’t Answer )
Stone: Garde Ton Sang Froid (I Can’t Control Myself)
Jocylene: Nitty Gritty
Les Fizz Si tu fais ça (You Can’t Do That)
Jenny Rock Mal (Hush)
Cristina & Los Stops Corazon Contendo 1969

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Saturday Night Dance Party Live From The Admiral

Need a DJ for your Saturday night dancing party?  Tune in to "Live From The Admiral" with Dr. Filth. 11 PM - 2 AM.  BYOB.

And, don't forget to check this space every Monday for a new episode of "Crayons To Perfume" with your host Girl Group Girl.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Crayons To Perfume Girl of the Week is that mini Mandarin Missy, Rita Chao!

Today I have a secret, and I'm going to spill the beans. It's really not my style to announce my #1 most wanted record, but today is the day. I REALLY want the album pictured in our video below, because it contains Rita Chao's version of 'Venus'.
Rita Chao is one of the wonders of Singapore's 60's pop "scene". Her voice is unique, and often when singing English, it's awkward sounding to Western ears and the notes often sharp - perfect for her beautiful renditions of traditional Mandarin songs!
I discovered China's hidden 60's pop music while living in Toronto. A record store had purchased a good pile of assorted ethnic 45's and I bought them. There were a few good Portuguese EP's (all of them covers) and a handful of Chinese records. A few of the 45's were "a go go" records but I couldn't read the labels - I suspect now that one or two were either the Trailers or the Quests backing male and male/female duos. At the time I was working with a woman who spoke only Mandarin, and she adored the records, so when I moved the records stayed with her, but those records sparked an interest to find out more about Asian music in the 60's.

Here's Rita with her version of 'Venus'.

Click here for our latest Crayons To Perfume, featuring Rita Chao, a handful of Beatles girls, along with some pop and soul! Check us out here at WFMU's Rock 'n Soul Ichiban each Monday morning - and just search on Crayons To Perfume for all of our past shows. In the coming weeks we have some great stuff planned for your listening pleasure - all kinds of surprises!

Rita Chao: Hanky Panky
Rita Chao: Love Is Me, Love Is You
Rita Chao: How To Catch A Girl
Rita Chao: Shake Shake
Rita Chao: It’s Gonna Be Alright
Bonnie JO Mason: Ringo, I Love You
Linda Gayle: Twist & Shout
The Bootles: I’ll Let You Hold My Hand
The Carefrees: We Love You
Claudette & Sylvie: Oui C’est Vrai (Hold Me Tight)
Shangri-Las: Train From Kansas City
Chymes: He’s Not There Anymore
(Raparata &) The Del Rons: Your Big Mistake
Julie Driscoll: Don’t Do It No More
Tootie & The Bouquets: The Conqueror
Erma Franklin: Hold On I’m Comin’
Nanette: He Knows How
Irma Thomas: Teasin’ But Your Pleasin’
The Velvelettes: He Was Really Sayin’ Somethin’
Martha & The Vandellas: Dancin’ In The Street
Gigi & The Charmaines: Rockin’ Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Blues

Monday, September 8, 2014

Crayons To Perfume's Girl Of The Week is Coventry Fairchild, folk-rock femme extraordinaire!

Coventry Fairchild was the lead singer of Miami 60's folk-rock outfit The Clefs of Lavender Hill. Still in her teens, Coventry had the voice of a far more mature woman. She sang with her brother Travis, usually in duets that he wrote; the most well known of which is 'Stop, Get A Ticket'.

Here's a fab, catchy song Coventry, and her band did for Date Records, Travis wrote it!

Now check out more of the Clefs of Lavender Hill, along with a handful of other female folk-rockers, garage girls and pop princesses, on this week's Crayons To Perfume!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Crayons to Perfume's Girls of the Week, the San Fransisco Songstresses of Soul, the Apollas!

The Apollas should have been huge! They should have been girl group stars, but for some unknown reason, it just didn't happen for these San Fransisco Songstresses of Soul! The beautiful Leola Jiles, who has an incredible voice led the trio through some great records, but they often seemed too rock, or too soul - more sass than sweet, and and sadly it didn't sell. But oh, those records! Check out their first record and crazy TV appearance of the girls on Hollywood a Go-Go with You're Absolutely Right!!

And now hear the Apollas on this week's Crayons To Perfume! with your host Glynis Ward, dj girlgroupgirl - wishing you all a labor free Labor Day!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Calling All Canadians, Calling All Canadians!!

Do not miss the Norton Records Caravan of Stars.

Fear not, fellow New Yorkers.  Miriam will be performing at Bowery Electric on Friday, September 12th.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Crayons To Perfume's Girl Of The Week, Those Shubee Surf Bunnies! Part of our all-girl SURFER SPECIAL!

The Surf Bunnies originally started as the Desirays, but the surfing bug was spreading, and the trio decided to become blondes and hop on the surfin' wagon.

There's very few photos of the band, so this fab 45 on Dot will have to suffice!

You can check out more of the Surf Bunnies, along with a bevvy of bikini bustin' babes on Crayons To Perfume's all girl surfin' special! It's a whole hour of wailin' wahinis with Annette, The Honeys, Kay Bell, and such unlikely surfers as the Orlons and the Feetwoods - it's jam packed with less talk and more rock!

-Crayons to Perfume is a weekly show hosted by Glynis Ward, dj girlgroupgirl. Just do a blog search on Crayons to Perfume and you'll find the rest of our shows, for your listening pleasure now, or later!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Long Way To Be Happy: tracks originally unreleased

1 Darlene Love: A Long Way To Be Happy
2 Big Maybelle: Ocean Of Tears
3 Johnny & The Hurricanes: The Dribble Twist
4 The Everly Brothers: Mr. Soul
5 Pete Best Combo: I Don't Know Why I Do
6 Duane Eddy: Mirriam
7 Ebah: I Am Gonna Unmask The Batman
8 Bonnie & The Treasures: I Just Want To Be Your Girl
9 Bonnie & The Treasures: Tell Me In The Sunlight
10 The Ronettes: Paradise
11 Shadow Morton: Dressed In Black
12 The Ad Libs: The Slime
13 The Coasters: The Slime
14 Eddie & Ernie: Lay Lady Lay
15 Donovan & Lulu: What A Beautiful Creature You Are
16 Cab Calloway: Smoking Reefers
17 Sir Douglas Quintet: Isabella
18 The Souvenirs: Voodoo Love
19 Johnnie Ray: Ooh! Aah! Oh! (This Is Love)
20 Don Woody: Morse Code
21 Doris Day: Coffee, Cigarettes And Memories
22 The Mellows: I'm Gonna Pick Your Teeth With An Icepick
23 The Mellows: So Strange
24 The Monkees: Kicking Stones
25 The Bee Gees: Dear Mr. Kissinger
26 The Stooges: Lost In The Future
27 Bobby Fuller Four: It's Love, Come What May
28 Frank Wilson: Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)
29 Barbara McNair: Baby A Go-Go
30 The Jayhawks: The Devil's Cousin
31 The Mynah Birds: Go On And Cry
32 The Mynah Birds: It's My Time
33 Barbara Mercer: Happiness Is Here
34 Len Barry: I'll Always Need You
35 Linda Gail Lewis: Ain't Nothing Shakin'
36 The Heartbreakers: Ain't Nothin' Shakin'
37 Stan Vincent with The Del Satins: Angel By My Side
38 The Beach Boys: I Do
39 The Beau Brummels: Gentle Wandering Ways
40 The Coolbreezers: The Other Night
41 The Kool Gents: Phoebe
42 Helen Raymond: My Kid's A Crooner
43 The Ronettes: Here I Sit
44 Little Miss Peggy with The Bill Parker Band: Yellow Pants (And Blue Suede Shoes)
45 Bonniwell Music Machine: Dark White


Monday, August 18, 2014

Crayons To Perfume Girl Of The Week, the Swingin' Sylvie Vartan!

Sylvie Vartan started her career as a high school student, swayed by the promise that her brother, Eddie had in store for her when he promised to record her, instead of Gillian Hills. Gillian had turned him down for a record he was producing for RCA.
RCA saw stars when they saw and heard Sylvie, and made her a recording offer she couldn't refuse - Rock 'n Roll!
Here's Sylvie palling around with her friends, including Jacques Dutronc on a French TV show doing 'L'oiseau' in 1967.

If you go right to Youtube, you will notice that the footage is posted by CinnamunK - his entire roster of footage and music is all girl, and is filled with tons of great tracks. Check it out sometime!

But before you do, dig Sylvie in this fab Japanese commercial for Renown Fashions! She sings in French and Japanese! SO MOD!

Now check out the latest Crayons To Perfume where Sylvie takes center stage along with some girls in 60's rock groups, a handful of soulful sisters and a bunch of girls singin' about boys! Don't forget to stay tuned next Monday, when we have a new and super duper swingin' special ALL GIRL SURF SHOW!!!

-Crayons to Perfume is exclusive to WFUM's Rock'n Soul Ichiban! A weekly 1 hour show devoted to girls from 1960-1969 (and a handful of modern missies) hosted by Glynis Ward, DJ girlgroupgirl

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bottle Up and Go Do the Hunch!

(aka Vocal Group 45 of the Week!)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Crayons To Perfume Girls of the Week are the Bouffant Bronx Bombshells the Chiffons!

The Chiffons were from the Bronx, and met at James Monroe High School and from 1963-1965 they made a string of wonderful records that are cherished by so many lovers of the girl group sounds. The Chiffons also have some very surprising songs that are lesser known like the crazed Bo-Diddley influenced 'ABC 123' and the unusually atmospheric 'Mystic Voice'.
Starting with a more classic girl group style, here's 'I Have A Boyfriend'.

Crayons to Perfume explores all sides of the Chiffon's in their first three LP's, including 'Nobody Knows What's Going On In My Mind'- which sounds more like it was written with the Shangri-las in mind than the Chiffons. It's not what you really expect from a classic teen girl-group - but then again, the Chiffons could really pull some surprises! Check out this live footage, and then check out this week's show!!

This week's Crayons To Perfume features the Chiffons, a handful of garage girls, solo girls and a back to school serenade!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Vocal Group 45 of the Week!

Well, that wraps up the vocal group 45 of the week series. Hope you dug it. If you missed one, I will be posting the full CD to download in the coming weeks. Tentative title; Bottle Up and Go Do the Hunch!
Special thanks to Rex Doane for hipping me to a lot of these amazing sides...